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[ transmission: text | video | voice ]
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[ voice.]

"You've reached Caroline Forbes.
I'm not home right now.
Please leave your name and number and a
very detailed message and I'll get back to you
as soon as possible."
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02 February 2017 @ 11:08 pm
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☽☾ Player Information
Name/Handle: Laura
Are you 18 years or above?: Yes! 28!
Current character(s) in game: N/A

☽☾ Character Information
Name: Caroline Forbes
Canon: The Vampire Diaries
Canonpoint: End of Season 6
Age: 19
HMD link: Here
Story Role: Lawful Good.
History: Wiki

"Look, about Caroline, no matter what her flaws are, when push comes to shove, you're going to want that girl on your side."
-Stefan Salvatore

Like every teenage girl, Caroline comes with her issues; she can be petty, immature, insecure, and jealous. She gets wrapped up in things that don't really matter to most when there are 'bigger things' happening. Outwardly, she seems sweet, peppy, in control but of course, some of that, later on, appears to only be skin deep. Caroline has a bit of a competitive streak too, especially where Elena is concerned. It feels like, to her, that she tried so hard, and yet, Elena doesn't have to try at all and she gets everything while making it seem so effortless. She can be gossip sometimes and has an uncanny ability to find out information from any source and fast. Her 'Little Miss Innocent' act comes in handy because she's good at providing a distraction on demand despite being a terrible liar. She doesn't like being told she can't do something, if anyone doubts her, she strives to prove them wrong and she does it with a sweet sort of gusto, she said it herself perfectly, "Whenever anyone tells me I can't do something, I prove them wrong."

She knows how shallow she can be and she understands that this and her tendency to be a bitchy and controlling are two very serious flaws. She very much wants to change and work on her flaws; she wants to be "abyss deep" and her "kiddie pool" level frustrates her. She's also admitted that at times, "I'm a terrible, awful person-but I'm working on it". She starts taking baby steps towards the grand understanding that it's not all about her.

But over all, Caroline is a fierce and loyal friend. Despite the bitchiness and the shallowness, she can be just as kind and caring and sweet. She's protective of her friends and is willing to take on whatever comes that keeps them safe. She saved Matt from dying, therefore exposing her secret and herself as a vampire because she loved him and couldn't stand by and watch him die. But she also puts a lot of stock in other people's loyalty, she expects it in return. When Tyler didn't help her and the rest of the vampire gang against the werewolves, after she helped him (which is risky considering a werewolf bite is deadly to a vampire) and kept his secret, Caroline told him they were done as friends, that their friendship was over.

"You prefer who you are now to the girl you once were. You like being strong, ageless, fearless."

After Caroline is turned into vampire, her personality and neurotic quirks seem to go haywire, which is standard vampire fare. To quote her from the show, "[N]ow I'm an insecure, neurotic control freak... on crack?" It's that control freak and her ability to stay true to her humanity that gives her unparalleled control as a vampire, that keeps her from giving into the urges, the need for blood. Caroline always tries to remain positive and strong despite the horrible things that happen to her (like being turned into a vampire, being rejected by people she loves for being a vampire, being kidnapped and tortured more than once.). She's quite confident in her vampire-ness and who she is now that she is a vampire. Even when her father tortures her for being a vampire, trying to torture the blood lust from her, she accepts that she cannot change, that she can't be changed but that she has a good grip on her need for blood.

Regardless, she struggles with the fact that she felt good killing the only and only person she killed, when she first turned, which is part of her motivation to try to stay normal, to do normal teenage girl things. She worries about making the most of her senior year, she wants to do all the ceremonial, traditional things, she wants to make her life as normal as she possibly can. She sees it as a distraction for herself and her friends, so she hyper focuses on dances and town/college events, and holidays wanting them to be perfect, to go perfectly (but we all know people mostly die at dances in Mystic Falls). Although at times, she seems to be a tad more mellow, it's become easier for her to take more things in stride, sometimes.

Powers & Abilities: As a vampire, Caroline gets the usual perks of being one including:
  • Invincibility minus being staked in the heart with wood, being bitten by a werewolf or being exposed to sunlight.
  • Rapid healing (unless stabbed with wood) and never aging.
  • Super-human strength, speed, and heightened senses.
  • Compulsion: She's got the ability to control someone, remember certain things or forget them entirely.
  • Daylight Ring: Caroline has a ring made by her best friend Bonnie, who is a witch, that allows her to go out in sunlight, but very few vampires have this thus helping her hide the fact that she is a vampire.
  • Dream walking/sharing by touch. This is something vampires in the TVD have but Caroline hasn't been seen to use it or know how to.

Fears, Weaknesses:

Physical vulnerabilities:
  • The only way to kill in the TVD-verse vampire is sunlight, a werewolf bite, fire, or a stake through the heart.
  • Anything involving wood or the herb vervain is extremely painful and debilitating for a vampire.
  • She is bloodline connected to Klaus Mikaelson, if he dies, she dies because of the bloodline magic.
  • She can be compelled by any Original vampire (The Mikaelsons)

Emotional vulnerabilities: 
  • Fear of Her Bloodlust: At first, Caroline carried a lot of guilt around about being a vampire, especially after killing a man right after she first turned. And it will only get worse now that she has turned off her humanity and turned it back on. And while she seems to have the most control over her bloodlust and had attacked the least amount of humans out of all the vampires on the show, she continues to refuse to drink from humans directly when she has her humanity turned on, she prefers to drink from blood bags and animals because she fears losing control and becoming a ripper. She is also scared of giving into her darker side, the vampiric side of herself again. She comes from a canon point where she'd just got done being an unhinged vampire and she'd be terrified of going through that again.

  • Fear of Losing Loved Ones: Caroline has lost a lot of loved ones over the series. Both of her parents are dead, she has lost many classmates and friends to death. She feels their losses immensely and will do just about anything to save the people she cares about. She also must feel a huge amount of guilt over the death of Jenna, Elena's aunt, who died as a part of a ritual in place of Caroline. And she was so despondent at the loss of her mother that she turned off her humanity, which truly made her into a monster for a while.

  • Fear of Being Unloved: Caroline has a continuous struggle with love. She gives herself fully to those she falls in love with and she can be insecure about that. She is consistently set aside by those she loves in favor of something else. With Matt it was his fear. Tyler wanted revenge. And Klaus, if you can call him a love, was power and his family. She remarks a few times, in so many words, that she worries that she isn't lovable. Before becoming a vampire, she was incredibly insecure and while she's grown into herself as a vampire, grown more confident and comfortable, she still fears not being loved for who she is.

Samples can be linked from the TDM.
Network Sample:  Her IC Inbox.
Prose Sample:  Link and Link
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Caroline Forbes (23)
former miss mystic falls. likes her bourbon neat. determined, loyal, and will plan the best date you've ever had.

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"You've reached Caroline! I'm not here right now so just leave me a message after the beep! BEEP."
(  VIDEO  ||  TEXT  ||  VOICE  )
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Put me on your dance card, honey.
 drop in the ocean (ron pope); the starting line (keane);  animal (neon trees); eternal flame (the bangles); ashes and wine (a fine frenzy); laughter lines (bastille);  it's been a long day (rosi golan); biting down (lorde); you send me (caught a ghost);  shelter (birdy); possibilities (freddie soma);  weight of us (sanders bohike);  us against the world (coldplay);

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stage one: cravings/urges/thoughts;
- blood
- fear of losing control, of becoming a monster like klaus or ripper!stefan, of her darker desires 
- love for tyler
- hatred of klaus but also confusing feelings
- fear of losing those she loves 
- missing people from home: elena and bonnie specifically 
- the need to control situations and plan parties, the urges are strong with this one
- mourning the death of her father, of all the friends she's lost
- sex

stage two + three: memories;
• triggering || • as a human || • as a vampire 
• sad/awkward memory || • happy memory || • violent/angry memory

• •  damon attacks caroline
• • drunk caroline realizes how shallow she is
•  kissing matt in the middle of the street after a fight
• • • being suffocated by katherine (which turned her into a vampire)
• • becoming a vampire
• • first kiss with tyler
• •  saving her boyfriend matt from death, exposing herself as a vampire
• • • caroline telling tyler off for hesitating in saving her from his fellow werewolves
• • matt rejecting her and asking her to compel him to forget
• • jenna's funeral (only 0:40 - 2:12)
•  caroline and tyler's first real kiss/first time
• • • being tortured by her father who's trying to heal her from dependency on blood
• • caroline's birthday funeral
• • • tyler biting caroline and the way she feels as she's dying before klaus saves her ( reserved for tyler but open for others)
• • her father's last moments
• • dancing with klaus and stirring feelings within her she doesn't like
• • caroline thinking that tyler is going to die and her saying goodbye to him
•  caroline and tyler making out before a memorial service (end at 0:40)
•   elena, bonnie, and caroline having a fun girls night out 
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